Wound healing complications are common in diabetes or venous disorder, but efficient and effective products help patients get back to their lives sooner. Especially developed for the treatment of chronic and complex wounds, the Cutimed Advanced Wound Care range covers all stages of the healing process.

With innovative wound management solutions and the perfect balance of advanced technology and user-friendly concepts, Cutimed empowers professionals to help their patients heal quickly and effectively for the best possible patient outcome.

Cutimed’s wide range of therapy solutions include:


  • Wound Bed Management – a systematic approach for clinicians to identify and remove barriers to healing, including necrotic tissue, slough and bacterial load
  • Infection Management – prevents and reduces bacterial load within the wound to create optimum conditions for the natural wound-healing process.
  • Exudate Management – as exudate levels can fluctuate daily, wound dressings must always provide consistent, reliable results
  • Tissue Management – supports tissue formation, while protecting the wound from harmful environmental factors

Impregnated Sterile Dressings

Cuticell® is low-adherent impregnated sterile dressings which facilitate dressing change and help maintain a moist environment to support wound healing. 

Wound Bed Preparation

Wound bed preparation is a concept that offers clinicians an approach to removing barriers to wound healing, such as necrotic tissue, slough, bacterial load, or a combination of these. The Cutimed...

Exudate Management

With all the considerations necessary for wound healing, effective fluid management is key to success. On a day-to-day basis, exudate levels can fluctuate with the healing cycle, making it imperativ...


Pressure is a factor in 90% of diabetic plantar ulcers and the pressure must be modified or removed in order for your wound to heal. Total Contact Casting is the most effective offloading device in ...