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Health & Medical Solutions

Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company, dedicated to improving well-being through innovative and sustainable products, shaping a healthier future for all. The name Essity stems from the words “essentials” and “necessities”. Hygiene and health are the essence of well-being. As a leading global hygiene and health company, we offer products and services that make a difference every day in people’s lives. That is why we are called Essity.

Our Health & Medical business unit includes the categories of Incontinence Products in Health Care and Medical Solutions, with sales in the healthcare sector. The offering includes incontinence products, wound care, compression therapy, orthopedics, skincare products and digital solutions with sensor technology. With renowned brands such as TENA®, Leukoplast®, Cutimed®, JOBST®, Actimove® and Delta-Cast®.

With a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions & services, Essity focuses on serving the needs of customers which include retail trade, online sales, pharmacies, hospitals, distributors, home and long-term care institutions and consumers.

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Our Brands


TENA incontinence products help people stay secure, dry, and odour free. We are the global leader, the trusted expert, offering superior sustainable solutions that help manage urinary incontinence, leakage and bladder weakness day and night.


Under the brand Leukoplast, Essity’s offering for Acute Wound Care ranges from surgical tapes and retention bandages to surgical dressings as well as adhesive bandages and plasters.
Developed specifically to relieve patients from the burden of chronic and complex wounds, Cutimed empowers healthcare professionals with innovative solutions to manage all aspects of wound healing.


The Cutimed range of wound care dressings reliably cover all stages of the wound healing process. It is utilized for the management of chronic and non-healing wounds. Wound healing complications are common in diabetes or venous disease, but efficient and effective products help in providing better patient outcomes.

Hydrofera Blue®

Hydrofera Blue provides wound care professionals a suite of multifaceted, intuitive, and cost-effective products for a range of wound care needs. With the same antibacterial and non-cytotoxic properties of its flagship product, Hydrofera Blue’s products are effective in all phases of the healing process, helping patients get back to their lives, faster.


JOBST is the #1 Global Leader in Compression Therapy, offering a wide selection of products in the field of phlebology, lymphology and lipedema, such as medical compression garments and bandages, wraps, as well as digital solutions with JOBST LEXpert 360 and Xpert Voice for easy measuring and ordering.


To recover from injury or deal with movement-related pain, Actimove medical devices provide pain relief and support that is tailored to individual needs.
For secure stabilization, Actimove provides a broad range of innovative medically engineered braces and supports. The excellent quality products are reliable, thoroughly tested and tailored to meet the individual patient’s needs.


As the global market leader in casting and splitting, Delta-Cast has a comprehensive and innovative portfolio to treat broken bones or injured ligaments. When faced with orthopedic trauma, optimal care is essential for the best healing possible. When it comes to broken bones or injured ligaments, Delta-Cast is the trusted partner. As the global market leader in Fracture Management, drawing on a strong brand heritage, Delta-Cast has a comprehensive and innovative portfolio to rely on.

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Acute WoundCare

Whenever fast and efficient treatment of minor wounds is required, Leukoplast is the high-quality choice that combines reliability and ease of use to provide the best possible patient care.

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Advanced WoundCare

Developed specifically for the management of chronic and complex wounds, Cutimed provides reliable and innovative product solutions that promote wound healing for all stages of chronic and complex wounds.

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Compression Therapy

As a global leader in Compression Therapy, JOBST offers a comprehensive range of product solutions for patients with venous conditions, lymphedema and lipedema.

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Fracture Management

Known for quality and easy application at treatment centers around the world, Delta-Cast offers highly innovative, cost-effective solutions for fractures, sprains, and all conditions requiring rigid or semi-rigid external immobilization.

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Braces & Supports

Medically engineered in collaboration with orthopedic specialists, Actimove provides an innovative range of braces and supports that are designed to help pain relief and provide patient comfort.

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Well known and used by healthcare professionals, Leukotape is recognized for its excellent quality, forming part of a broad portfolio of tapes and bandages.

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Continence Care

With over 60 years of experience TENA offers a full range of absorbent products, skincare and digital health technology solutions that are tailored to the needs of individuals, their families and healthcare professionals.

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