JOBST – Compression to uplift your life.

JOBST uplifts people’s lives and empowers them to confidently live the life they want, without compromise — despite their venous or lymphatic conditions.

With extensive knowledge and years of experience, JOBST provides innovative products and services that suit an active lifestyle, offering comfort, support and peace of mind for patients wearing compression.

Jobst’s wide range of therapy solutions include:


  • Medical Compression hosiery – with day and night-time compression products for a wide variety of occasions and body parts, JOBST is dedicated to meeting the therapeutic and aesthetic needs of today's active consumers
  • Compression wraps – a range of adjustable compression devices that offer all the benefits of multilayer bandages to reduce swellings but in a simplified, intuitive design. 
  • Compression bandages – long- and short-stretch bandaging systems designed to counteract swelling and allow the optimal management of edema.

Medical Legwear

JOBST® is proud to offer a variety of products for all your gradient compression needs.


These products are designed with the patient and therapist in mind to offer a comprehensive range of compression products in conjunction with the MLD therapy.


JOBST® offers a variety of bandaging systems designed to allow the optimal management of edema.

Special Indications

JOBST® offers products that are specifically designed for special conditions requiring extra attention.