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American OrthopaedicTM
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Cast Removal System

The American OrthopaedicTM removal system provides precisely what is needed when power, speed, durability and ease of operation are required.


Features and Benefits of the Cast Cutter

  • Specially designed for rugged use: the perfect tool with power and endurance
  • Internally lubricated for longer service
  • Switch is designed and placed so that it will not break if dropped
  • Hex drive provides 6 blade rotations extending blade life by 50% compared to similar competitive models
  • One year limited warranty

Features and Benefits of the Cast Dust Vacuum

  • Lightweight and mobile; easy movement from room to room or patient to patient
  • Unique lift-out disposable filter cartridge makes disposal quicker, easier, safer and cleaner than messy bags
  • Quiet operation for patient comfort
  • Function that allows the saw and vacuum to be turned on simultaneously with contact of the cast nts

Features and Benefits of the Portable Vacuum

  • Unique disposable filter cartridge
  • The self-contained unit conveniently stores cast spreader, scissors, replacement blades filter storage caps
  • Lightweight construction and convenient handle provide easy mobility
  • Versatile: attaches easily to most cast cutters

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