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Delta-Cast® Soft
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The new fiberglass-free Delta-Cast® Soft was designed to provide functional support to fractures and soft tissue injuries. Its semi-rigidity allows for more flexibility and mobility, thus helping to reduce immobilization-related problems such as atrophy or joint stiffness. As a result, the overall healing process tends to shorten.

Patient Benefits

More Flexibility, More Mobility, Less Problems

  • Earlier patient mobility as cast will allow a limited range of movement
  • Improved circulation, faster healing, shorter rehabilitation period
  • Helps to avoid or minimize muscle atrophy and other immobilization-related issues

More Comfort

  • Lightweight, breathable material offers high wearing comfort
  • Smooth surface for a snag-free finish
  • Soft edges for higher patient satisfaction
  • Available in a wide range of attractive colors and unique patented* paw pattern

User Benefits

Versatile Application

  • Enables customized removable or circular applications
  • Can be combined with hook and loop straps to make removable applications or rigid reinforcement strips for stronger support
  • Dry and wet application possible

Ease of Application

  • Skin tight fit that doesn‘t require additional padding
  • Patented** multi-directional polyester substrate for excellent conformability and wrinkle-free application
  • Consistent unrolling tension

Long Lasting and Functional

  • Superior durabilty of cast tape
  • Good lamination for secure immobilization
  • Highly radiolucent cast tape that allows for x-ray inspection without cast removal

Easy Removal

  • Rapid removal with scissors or manually by unwinding
  • No noisy cast saw required

Benefits at a Glance

  • Earlier patient mobility
  • Positive effect on overall rehab time
  • Versatile applications
  • High conformability
  • Controllable set time
  • Superior durability
  • High patient comfort

Ordering information

Short arm application

Thumb spica application

Long arm application

Lower leg application

Lower leg application with footplate

Boxer application

Removable short arm application

Removable thumb spica application

Removable second Phalanx application

Removable gamekeeper application

Removable lower leg application

Delta-Dry Thumb spica application

Delta-Dry lower leg

Knee application