Actimove® knee products are second to none, with our Actimove® GenuMotion support typical of the excellent quality of the range. In addition to its groundbreaking Helix Design that has won two major design awards, it offers superb support, promotes compliance and supports pain relief with innovative features that enhance comfort, stabilization and ease of use. An advanced knitting structure developed by BSN JOBST® provides gradient compression while relieving pain. The special Motion Comfort Zone in the popliteal area is just one of numerous cutting-edge features that improve patient comfort across the range.

Actimove® GenuMotion

Actimove® GenuMotion knee support features an innovative knitting structure combining excellent fit with graduating compression to promote improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow for better pain...

Actimove® GenuStep

  Actimove® GenuStep is a breathable, neoprene-free and non-slip wrap-around knee brace with polycentric hinges providing stabilization of the knee for an enhanced feeling of comfort and safety.